Thursday, April 7, 2011

Linux wireless

I've written about some of what works for my hardware. 2 boxes currently running Gentoo.Network manager has never worked for me on either of these. Gentoo bug #345143 I had no luck trying to setup Gentoo and wireless as it is currently documented.

For me what worked was using instead 'emerge -vp iw wireless-regdb crda' and configuring wpa thru wpa_cli wpa_passphrase and two files /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and /etc/conf,d/net

As of version Connman 0.70 it does load the card properly but when it does it loses the routing table and I would have to add it each time I start up connman. ;-( Guess I could add it to local till they get it fixed or I find out what is the issue and then emerge gconnman and actually have a gui for networks. It also over writes /etc/resolv.conf without regard for using the nameservers provided by dhcp

I've a half completed application for arch tester. Got halfway and just not sure I want to dedicate the time. Also wondering what restrictions would come with actual association. Even generated a gpg key so I could sign email. I do like contributing but in actuality my profession and family life come first. Dedicating 20+ hours a week on a consistent basis is not likely. Could certainly host on a dedicated ip cheaply enough and give others access to the hardware on a speedy connection at times As is flameeyes power usage and my own high electric bills make me think twice about even running so much hardware.

In fact updating my pc's and a slight rate reduction last month dropped $80 from my utility bill this month. Modern hardware is providing more computing power at far less energy cost. One would think there would be new pc's flying off the shelf in the low and mid-range. This Coding Horror blog shows an energy reduction of 75% for hardware purchased today versus that purchased just 5 years ago.