Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's TDTime in New York

Last year at the Civic Center when it was late in the game the ball would usually be found in the hands of Toney Douglas. It found it's way into the hoop often enough for FSU to end the year at 25-10. Along the way they had a trip to the teams first visit to the NCAA's in ten years and lost to Duke in the ACC championship tournament game. It was a remarkable achievement that won Leonard Hamilton a Coach of the Year award or three. Toney the top scorer and defender in all ACC games was 2nd in Player of the Year voting for the conference.
FSU guards discussed their plans for the coming season while returning in flight. "Make some some defense" said DeMercy and Dulkys. "Play some defense and make a few shots" from Loucks. It was Douglas' mantra. (at the 4:24 mark) Here a few clips from the Spain trip. All the guards get to feed it inside to Solomon Alabi.
At the end of the game Douglas if he had no shot would drive to the hole and draw some fouls. Usually putting the game out of reach. Sometimes sitting a player.
Hamilton runs the motion offense. It is one the reasons most NBA scouts had Toney listed as a 'tweener. He doesn't use a classical point. Rumor is Mike D'Antoni knows the point and how to teach it. Welcome Knicks fans to TDTime. It's interesting that Gallo is from Italy and that the Knicks will have training camp there next year.
Flameeyes is also from Italy though I do not know if he has even heard of Nate Robinson he would likely have heard of Gallinari.
The sum is better than the parts.