Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perfect Storms Happen

Well there was a movie like that. But in this real world example. The Gentoo development people had just pushed through FORTIFY_SOURCE which runs some extra checks against software about to be installed on the system. And my system reaching something close to what I want in the end I decided to do an emerge -e world. This last was largely due to host 'random' reaching something close to a set of applications I wanted to keep and to make sure I had installed everything with the flags I wanted.

For one I had recently set all the flags 'mmx sse 3dnow and 3dnowext' off for at least the emul-x86- packages (to avoid any TEXT RELOCATIONS

Along the way I discovered that I had improperly set my LDFLAGS and had to redo those. The 800+ packages took over 3 days to install.The speed that some bugs were solved was rather amazing. Big thanks to Spanky (nee vapier aka Mike Fyrsinger) and Flameeyes and the rest of the QA team as well as the package maintainers themselves.

Oh as a policy please don't close bugs WONTFIX and remove the 'do not file a Gentoo bug" from QA notices. All errors should be reported and inspected as they could lead to security issues Gentoo should track all installed software for errors. In a perfect world nothing would go stable with QA errors.

Good work guys keep it up.

Gentoo be more better now. ;-)

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