Monday, September 6, 2010

A handle history

And perhaps a bit of the why of things follows.

The first linux I used was a zipslack install. It was fostered by wanting another alternative to Windows(something I own a string of licenses back to DOS 6 for... many of those licenses support expired of course). Slackware did not permit a great deal of freedom to me. On alt.os.linux.slackware I joined a discussion of BSD's ports and linux posting as yggsdrasil a username I chose while posting through our dialup account.

I moved and DSL became available to me for the first time using BellSouth soon after Gentoo 1.0 was released by drobbins and I installed it dual-boot on the only box I had. So I'm dual booting Gentoo and Win95 and when not playing games I try to help out new users as bus_drivr on irc.

I try to sync one day and cannot BellSouth had gotten wise and was blocking sync. Keeping up with current on Gentoo was bandwidth heavy and likely they weren't real happy about me sucking there bandwidth. (This is just my opinion btw derived from experience though another user complained on irc about it.) Starts me ranting about my perception of what Gentoo should be able to do and that includes sync the portage tree via http protocol This would I pointed out also allow people essentially with just web access to install Gentoo.

Well that was answered by emerge-webrsync which was released written quickly. I do not recall how qucikly but today I look in the script and publicly thank karltk@ gentoo for helping to make Gentoo what it is today.

And once again to thank flameeyes for all his hard work.

And as for olbrannon? Well he was a Lord of a great elven guild during the third age of Middle Earth In the Tolkien language Olbrannon translates as 'Dream-Lord'

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