Thursday, August 6, 2009

Initial blog

Need a place to keep some notes anyone can refer to. This be it I guess. Likely that is the way such things as blogs came to be. Later many of the links here will be links on a side bar. This is just a quicky for now.
Flameeyes is a developer for Gentoo and the author of Autotools Mythbuster.

Gilles Dartiguelongue is also a Gentoo developer. Something about his blog there is rejecting my comments though I have twice tried to submit a comment with two valid email addresses one from comcast and and one gmail Settings problem or?...I'm banging my head here.

I wanted to comment on his recent elog blog

I will check into this elog and perhaps this provides all that is needed...not sure where that command is at present. What gentoo needs IMO is a mail system install to send system mesages to an account@localhost Instead of banging your head ...bang the system messages on them. If they keep getting the mail sooner or later they will seek help or fix it if they users want a broken system don't think.

Now I know you realize that not everyone has a domain name and/or a static ip. Especially the 'home linux desktop' crowd or mob or what ever probably generates a lot of bugs. If sending mail to root@localhost from the system/emerge logs is some kind of secutity hole...then let them designate the recipient. Or disable it when they want.


I have been learning to use the gitorious. It is a software collaboration tool meant for Unix environments apparently. At least I hope it works better on linux anyway as it is far less than intuitive to set up MSysGit on a M$..I am off tomorrow and will test that theory maybe then. I got the gui to run on windows but (shrugs) it wasn't what I expected. Once I learned a few simple console commands I was more productive though.
My wife once observed that sarcasm doesn't translate well from the Net. She might well have gotten that somewhere else. It is very true...nor does tone of voice. Hence the use of emotes. They are a good thing. Helps to convey the writers tone...but it isn't perfect. I say all this because in order to be productive people need to communicate without offending one another. That isn't always possible. But I will try.

I am not real fond of M$. Though perhaps I should be. I've spent many an hour using one or the other of their operating systems to surf the Net or game or whatever since 1995. Also I've used Linux of one flavor or another since '97 or '98

I've three linux installs on the two up and running computers we have here. It's great for somethings. I have a tendency to break mine. Well at least the Ubuntu ones. Gentoo so far has been fine. Or at least if I really wanted to I can make it work again.
LOL not the Ubuntu one. broke my x support and now can't get it to stop at console mode. I wrote a new /etc/X11/xorg.conf to the appropriate partition but still that didn't fix it yet..if I REALLY wanted to I'm sure I could fix it. I'm just preoccupied for now.

One Gentoo install works fine and is up-to-date. One is a year old I think.Haven't booted it in a while.

Blogs shouldn't be real long don't think so that's enough for one.

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