Friday, August 7, 2009


Installed the elogv app...nice little tool if all you want to know about as far as 'system' messages is what emerge says. Me I like all messages to go to the right place and portage's elog facility is a nice little app. It doesn't however do some of the things I'd like to work on a system. Messages from sensors debug etc should all have thier own logs and whomever should be notified should get as helpful a mail as possible...yes I said's a loopback from the system logs so we use it to give feedback to the user...nuff said.

Now root@localdomain doesn't get any mail for gentoo's default install from existing documentation and I don't see any docs on how to make it work. But somebody should be set to receive system messages at least thru looback.

Slackware did this much out of the box with a zipslack install 15 yearsa ago

this is soothes me at times. I like it

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