Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting better.

Been down with a nasty flu for about a month. It lines your lungs with a thick phlegm and saps your energy. Rough stuff. Getting enough sleep to get better was the thing to do.

Congratulations to Flameeyes on his elevation to Gentoo QA lead. An excellent 'technical' choice by Gentoo and due recognition for what he has accomplished in the community. I am very pleased in having contributed in some small way to his fine book Autotools Mythbuster which he has recently expanded and edited considering some more minor changes I proposed. What is discussed is quite concise and a valuable resource worthy of a hard copy but available online. Please consider Flattr'ing it if you find it useful. I hope for him patience enough to work with us all ;-) (users and devs alike)

I decided to just build in support for the 'random' box's new hardware and just move the drive. Mostly done but the drive swap isn't. Several questions arise from this. I may need to run an 'emerge -e world' before/after the swap which will rebuild all packages. The compiler flag was set 'native' and the old AMD 64 3200+ vs a dual core Pentium 4 It is speculated that the chipset of the ATI 650 tv tuner card may be supported by the Xcieve driver in kernel. If it is I will know soon but cannot say until I move to the new platform.

The first computer I ever bought off the shelf arrived. I'll perhaps review it soon.

Connman is a blur of work and I'm sure it is wonderful for those it works for ...but not for any setup I've built yet. I'm still using wpa_cli at startup (tuxmobl and random) with my configured wlan fine. I've a lot to do if I had the time. ;-( and 'iw list scan' works fine with both SMC 2802 (p54pci) and WNA1100(ath9k_ht) For now it's cli tools only for me. The p54pci support requires a custom kernel build something non-trivial on some linux distributions (Ubuntu I know of Debian no idea Red Hat don't remember it being an issue ) But all my linux is wireless.

Really ruminating of late about Gentoo but I don't make a living from it. My change process seems to be more along the lines of dripping water, than a flood; since for me it's just utilizing older hardware and I've only so many projects for the boxes. It's cheaper to just turn them off though they do run pretty much 24/7 they need work jobs.

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