Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just do it. emerge =sys-devel/bin-86-0.16.18

Good day everyone. Today is the weekend. No homework ;) Just play.

In Gentoo there is a new minor version bump of bin86. (Yes it still lives even on x86_64) This version includes some system headers that were missing in dumps.c, objchop.c and catimage.c Patch submitted by yours truly. It should have test and stable requests soon I've also submitted a patch to Gnome screensaver that fixes a missing system header and mplayer that fixes another. Hoping they will get added soon since they have been around a while.

Edit note: The mplayer bug was closed but it does seem fixed now. A peek at the patch upstream shows that bin86 recieved a good deal of fixes and my minor patch applies to the 0.16.17.ebuild that existed

Gnome 2.32.x is out and I have been submitting bug reports where they are supposed to go. Gentoo doesn't accept all bugs on all software installed via portage at present. QA will change this soon hopefully. It is clear that Gnome and Gentoo could work better in some way. There is a large upstream here and Gnome should be well supported. If perhaps upstream would work with our development team we have the capability to significantly improve Gnome through Gentoo QA.

Ahh yes I said 'play' didn't I? Well how about let's rescue a princess. In Gentoo this is almost as easy as 'emerge -vp supertux'. I set the following in /etc/portage/profiles/package.use to resolve dependencies for this game.

# below added for supertux
media-libs/sdl-mixer mikmod vorbis mad flac mp3
media-libs/sdl-image png gif tiff
games-arcade/supertux opengl

It does pull in a few more dpendencies than are actually required but since they are already in they should hopefully satisfy other games based on media-libs/sdl Happy gaming.

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